Current Prices for Video Production Researches CHF 400.00 per day Pre-Production CHF 1000.00 per day (Briefing, Concept, Storyboard, Script, etc.) Camera Operator CHF 1200.00 per day Equipment CHF 800.00 per day (Camera, Sound, Tripod, light, etc.) Additional Equipment to rent according to consultation Film-/Video Editing CHF 1150.00 per day Sound CHF 750.00 per day (Voice Over, Music, Mixing, etc.) 3D Modeling and Animation CHF 900.00 per day Graphics CHF 600.00 per day Music incl. legalities according to consultation (incl. Copyrights, etc.) Additional Crew according to consultation Taxes 8% Trade Expenses 5% This website is under construction.

For night work (10:00pm to 06:00am) an extra surcharge of 25% is being charged.


50% of the expencted sum is paid in advance. The rest will be paid at the viewing of the Material


Additional expences are charged as:

- Material as: CDs, DVDs etc.,

- Additional Equipment as extra Camera, Editing

  Equipment, Sound Equipment,Studio, etc.

- Travel, Hotel, Meals and other expenses

  connected to the Project.



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