This is my new Website about my Photography, but also Film- and Video Projects I produce or am involved in, in various ways. My goal is to create Photography, Films and Videos, that not only correspond to the client's need or create a pleasure moments for the viewer. I also care about creating art. An important part is to show to the audience, that there are other ways of looking at things. These might be new aspects or a different factors then one's own experiences or points of view. In addition to the above I also have the ambition to include knowledge. Learning is - besides communication - one of the most important things in life. That is why I enjoy to contribute to more Information. That is true to me, no matter if it is a small or large amount of new data somebody gets. As long as the viewer experiences an enrichment, he or she experiences a new way of looking at something, getting an awareness or is motivated to try to do something in a different way. This Website is under construction

Please do not download, use nor reproduce any pictures or other data in full or parts of this website. These are properties of the owner. You are welcome to contact us at any time to buy photos or for commissioned work. For further information, prices etc. upon use are defined within the contracts of acquisition. Unauthorized use may have legal consequences.